19 June 2010

Sister Light, Sister Dark

I just finished these gloves up as an exercise in light and dark. The seaside colors are the long awaited Hypothetical Birthday Gloves for my friend, Mich. The stone colors are headed for the gift stash. I actually have a few possible recipients in mind so it really depends what else I knit between now and the holidays as to how it shakes out.

It is a really simple pattern but the funky stripping from the Felici Sport really gives them some WOW! in my opinion.

Now for our slightly related summer reading recommendation, check out Sister Light, Sister Dark by Jane Yolen. Jane is an amazing storyteller. This modern day myth delves deep into the nature of light and dark and the duality of nature that lives in us all. It is a young adult book but the story is so well crafted that adults will enjoy it too.


  1. nice mitts. also really great book. have you read any of her other books?? i think there's more in that series plus she's written some others.

  2. I think I've read just about everything she has written...lol...one of my favorite authors.