19 July 2010

Wisp of Firmament

Although this project was inspired by my Titan's Curse workshop as a shawl for a Hunter of Artemis the story that caught my heart was about the Tower at the HPKCHC...

Oftentimes in the small hours of the night, long after my students are tucked safely dreaming in their dorms, I like to take a cup of tea and settle in the highest skychair to count my blessings as I count the stars. (You may not be aware of it but the ceiling of Ravenclaw Tower’s Common Room has an enchantment similar to the Great Hall.)There is an occasional scurry or flash of eye shine from a nocturnal Merry Beast or a small snore from one that has nested somewhere nearby but otherwise everything is quite.

Tonight my blessings are all people, from the Sixth Year students eager to complete the term and move on to become our first Seventh Years to the amazing group of young First Years I’ve had this term already dazzled with visions of NEWT projects. Our prodigal son, HarryPotterKnits is safely accounted for although his picture still sits on the mantel for when he is called away from us to serve. With it is a new picture of Mr. Inkslinger1121 far from home but not far from our thoughts. Many blessings and a brilliant house staff to share them with.

This particular night, being close to the end of a term the Common Room is a bit less tidy than I like so…Wingardium Leviosa…swish and flick…I begin to send essays, patterns and what looks to be a copy of BrineyDeep’s first published paper winging their way to their proper places.

I must have dozed off mid-spell because I was jolted back awake by a flash and a crash as a fair sized chunk of ceiling fell to the ground. I quickly repaired the damage to the enchantment but now I had to clean up the evidence. The shawlette around my shoulders gave me an idea. Last summer I had transfigured it from dark waters, a memento of a harrowing summer adventure that gave rise to what my students refer to as “pulling an Isis”. One quick spell and I had a new wrap, soft and close as the night and alight with stars, to remind me of what has been a very special term.

Wisp by Cheryl Niamath done in Kidsilk Night in the Thunder colorway.

12 July 2010


Nefertiti is on hold while I deal with a painful not enough yarn situation and some of the things I've been working on are either in transit in a swap package or parts for other bigger projects so I've been sort of short on blog-able projects this month.

One thing that is going right is some spinning I started based on a character in A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold. I haven't read the book myself but Alys' loves fireworks and so do I. The project is a part of workshop at Fantasia on Ravelry.

I started with some cream colored wool and a bag of sari silk shreds.

Then I combed them together.

I spun up half this afternoon while watching my boyo skate.

That's where I'm stumped. The texture would be great as a single so I could keep spinning and finish it that way. I always do two ply so I keep wanting to try something different. On the other hand, I wish the color was more concentrated and I feel like plying would do that. Decisions, decisions, decisions...