28 May 2010

A Visit to the Nile

My big project right now is Miriam L. Felton's Nefertiti. I've never done anything quite so lacy or so large before so it is really an adventure....a gorgeous, gorgeous adventure.

The first 8 repeats are a wavy water pattern with undulating ridges formed by sssk and k3tog. The sculptural quality just enchants me.

I have a bit of a knitterly crush on MLF right now...she might just edge out Ysolda Fever for me.

The yarn is from a local dyer, htNevele. The colorway is elNorro. You can check out her yarns at Lakeside Fibers.

In some related reading news, my boyo and I are reading The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan together. There's a bit less silliness than The Percy Jackson books and Riordan tackles some tough issues like multi-racial families and how people, particularly African-American men, are judged on appearances. There are a lot of great openings for conversations with your child and a great introduction to the mythology of Egypt.