20 June 2010

Short Skirt, Long Jacket

Another pattern from the Nicky Epstein book. This one was for a Faux Persian Lamb Coat. Mine is more of a textured wool version. Adding the lining was an experience as was the seaming. I'm still not happy with the visible stitching in the close up. Overall though, very effective I think.

Here is a girl with a mind like a diamond...

19 June 2010

Sister Light, Sister Dark

I just finished these gloves up as an exercise in light and dark. The seaside colors are the long awaited Hypothetical Birthday Gloves for my friend, Mich. The stone colors are headed for the gift stash. I actually have a few possible recipients in mind so it really depends what else I knit between now and the holidays as to how it shakes out.

It is a really simple pattern but the funky stripping from the Felici Sport really gives them some WOW! in my opinion.

Now for our slightly related summer reading recommendation, check out Sister Light, Sister Dark by Jane Yolen. Jane is an amazing storyteller. This modern day myth delves deep into the nature of light and dark and the duality of nature that lives in us all. It is a young adult book but the story is so well crafted that adults will enjoy it too.

15 June 2010

Looking Glass Hats

DADA had in interesting assignment this month. To knit an object of desire then knit its reflection.

I chose to make the Bad Amy Hat. I think just about everyone doing the House Cup wants one after watching BadAmy knit them like mad during the Hat Off! This awesome chunky knit hat is inspired by a pricey version from Banana Republic. Coincidentally Chanel is picturing a chunky knit stocking cap sans button in their current ad campaign so this baby will still be hot for fall. can you guess which one is the one from the other side of the looking glass?

Despite how much I desire this hat myself these are for holiday gifts (I won't say for who because you never know they might be reading.) Guess I'll have to knit another one or maybe I'll have to study that Chanel version and see if I can work up something similar. Then again I do love the button.

All this talk of looking glasses puts me in mind of one of my favorite Alice in Wonderland retellings, The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy by Frank Beddor. I think they would bear re-reading for a possible Fantasia workshop in the future.

14 June 2010

Random Acts of Gardening

I confess. I am a terrible gardener. I rarely weed. In fact I usually like to let anything I'm not sure about really get going so I can see what it is. I know many (most?) people like to plant things in nice neat places then stamp out anything that wasn't part of their plan. Sometimes though the Universe has a different plan. Almost every year I find a treasure or two seeded by birds or wind.

No idea what they are, I didn't plant them. Aren't they beautiful? When I stop to think about it the Universe takes my breath away.

07 June 2010

Barbie Couture

I finally had the chance to try a pattern out of Nicky Epstein's Knits for Barbie Doll. The sweater itself took some doing to alter to get a nice fit on my doll which is Collection 001 Model 3 from the Barbie Basics line. I tightened it up and added some waist shaping then turned the turtleneck into more of a boat neck.

The matching wrap was much more straightforward. Perfect as written.

Hopefully in the next week or so I can do another garment. I'm thinking about the Faux Persian Lamb Coat with the addition of a brocade lining.

06 June 2010

Getting Stuck in the Reeds

Charts 1-8 were the wonderful, flowing water pattern. Soothingly intuitive just a lot of it. I was so excited to finally hit chart 9 where the pattern begins to change from water to vegetation. Then I realized how much trickier the transition was. Some new stitches come into the mix. They YOs don't all line up the same way anymore...but some still do. I spent a fair amount of time just looking for a k2 I did as a k2tog. She is beautiful though.

Fingers crossed that the next chart is a little easier.

The lifelines are pulling the width in (No way I'm taking any out though!) but this should give you an idea of how she looks so far.