24 June 2011

Modern Day Goddess

It has been a while. My background template stopped functioning and I was too busy with my day job to straighten it out. But Summer vacation is here!

I finished my first dress pattern which is available as a .pdf on Ravelry. It is called the Modern Day Goddess and I think it is smashing as both a modern fashion staple and as a piece of goddess iconography connecting Barbie back to the earliest images of the divine feminine.

I have a few more things in the pipeline that are in beta versions right now. I'll try and share some works in progress over the nest few days. I think they new patterns will eventually be released collected as an ebook.

Reading recommendation? Check out
The White Goddess by Robert Graves. It's a book that came up in conversation recently. It is a very scholarly work, not to mention one that I have been returning to from time to time for a good 25 years.