07 November 2010

Barbie Loves Paris

I wanted to share my re-styling of the Target Exclusive Barbie Loves Paris fashions. I mixed them with an assortment of Barbie Basics accessories and my own knit pieces. The tan jacket is a pattern by Nicky Epstein. The chunky, cabled beret is my own pattern.

For those that would like to knit Barbie's Paris Beret I used Knit Picks Palette on US1 DPNs.

CO 30 - 10 stitches on each needle

Join in the round and K1,P1 rib 3 rounds

kfb all stitches - 20 stitches on each needle.

Rows 1,2 & 4: K4, P to end of needle, repeat

Row 3 C2F, P to end of needle, repeat
Work these 4 rows 2 times.

Maintaining cable pattern over first 4 stitches on the needle P to last 2 stitches, P2tog, repeat

Continue until 12 st remain on each needle.

K4, P2tog 4x, repeat

K4, P2tog 2x, repeat

K2tog 2x, P2tog - 3 st remain on each needle.

Break yarn and pull through remaining stitches.